Did You Get A Job Yet?

My generation has been told that in order to enjoy life, we need to be able to do something that will result in the ability to “sell” our services to the highest bidder. That it does not matter if you are passionate about what you do as long as you get top dollar for the time that you do it. As a result, we rush out to make ourselves marketable to the highest bidder. This results in people successfully finding employment with their time being handsomely compensated. The question that keeps going through my mind is, what if there is more and we are missing the “more” by readily “selling” the most precious commodity we have; time.

“We are lovers who are far to easily infatuated with a cardboard cut out of the real deal”- Mike Emlet . The truth of this statement has had a profound impact on me lately.  When I lived in Wisconsin I had a life that anyone would consider blessed. I was involved in a great church, had a beautiful home and a great job that I sold 45 hours of my life to, on a weekly basis. By all standards of my generation, I was successful.

Three months later, I am looking back and realizing that I was in love with a cardboard cutout of the real deal.  Spending three months together as a family has allowed me to see how cheaply I had sold my 45 hours per week to my great job. My children are more confident and at peace than I ever thought possible. They truly feel that they are the blessing I always said they were. Now that my actions are lining up with my words, they see that they have worth and they are coming alive under the power of that concept.

We are privileged to be friends with others who have seen that there is more to life.  They have stepped out to embrace their heart’s passion in spite of what their generation has told them. I am inspired by their boldness.  Instead of fitting into the cookie cutter life that has been offered, they willingly stand against the tide and are building a “life” that others want to fit into. A life of passion and fulfillment.

Money is just a tool and it should be used by people; instead, it appears that money is a tool that uses people.  What tells us where to live, what car to drive, where the kids go to school, where to travel and what clothes you can wear? The answer for most of us is money.  I am not saying money is bad, I am saying it is a necessary tool for life, but it is not the goal of life. It is simply a tool to aid us in living the lives for which we were designed.

As a follower of Christ, I want my life to be directed by Him and I want to use my God given passion and purpose at His beck and call (I can’t serve God and money at the same time…). As a result, I am no longer actively searching for traditional employment. I am trusting that there is something better than the cardboard cutout that I have been so in love with all of my life. After seeing glimpses of the “real deal” in my family, I can’t go back now. God is either all powerful and real or He is not. I am willing to wager everything that HE IS REAL AND POWERFUL!

I am focusing all of my energies on loving God, loving my family and loving my neighbor as myself. Stay tuned!!!

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