Who Do You Think You Are?

When we initially shared the news that our family would be moving to the Nashville area, many were not excited about our departure. Some were sad because of the distance that would separate us and others were concerned about our motives. One in particular, simply did not like it because they had not authorized it! They had grown accustomed to my family asking them about every detail of our life and mindlessly obeying everything they had to say. We would ask them for permission to do everything from taking someone out to dinner to where our children should go to school. Honestly, sometimes I think they got sick pleasure from telling us “no”. The thought that we would make a move without even a consultation with them was unthinkable in their mind.
When we finally sold our house and packed our belongings in the moving truck, I could almost see them in the rear view mirror, with their arms crossed, shaking their head and clucking their tongue as if to say; “you’ll realize the error that you have made and will return to beg for help”. When we arrived in Tennessee, they called almost daily with a reminder that we had not asked permission for this adventure and to inform us that we should enjoy ourselves while we can because our time is almost up.
I eventually got tired of it and started talking back. I informed them that our family’s desire was to be directed by God and that nothing else can tell us what we can and cannot do. I gave examples of how much better our family functioned and how much we all had grown spiritually. Additionally, I pointed out that Jenny and I had never been more confident in our calling or more at peace with our situation than we are today. Finally, I informed them that I believe their advice to be worthless. I told them that Jenny and I will do everything we can to convince others that their advice is wrong. I threatened to tell the world about the despicable lies that are being spit at them!!! (yes, I was a little angry at this point).
Well, you can imagine how they responded to this! Honestly, I think they were a little unsure what to do at first. I don’t think they are accustomed to being spoken to like that. Once they got their wits about them again, they went into a rage. Really! A full on childish tantrum! It was almost laughable! They threatened to completely destroy me and my family. Additionally, they told me that I should never breath a negative word to anyone about who they are and what I think about their advice, or I would regret it…
If you know me, you can just imagine how I responded to those threats.
Here is my response: The spirit behind Money is a liar!!! It prides itself on directing every aspect of your life, but it is secretly keeping you from the greatness and peace that you were designed for. It tells your church group where it can meet, who it can help and how big of an impact it can have. It tells you what dreams you can pursue and what dreams will have to wait for later (which never comes). Stop listening to him immediately! Tap into your heart and ask God what he wants you to do/be and once you know, go do it with everything you have. God will provide for you.
Examine your life and you may find that a significant part of your time is taken doing things that drain you. Because of this, you may find yourself lacking time and energy to do what makes your heart sing. I know, I know, all of this is perfectly normal for our society, but I do not believe that is how this life was designed to be lived. We have purchased a second rate substitute. I don’t want any of my friends laying on their death bed, regretting any part of their life.

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