Who Cares?

I witnessed something this morning that was nothing short of a miracle. I witnessed a group of people coming together to help others in need. Conception, planning and execution of the assistance occurred in less than one hour.

The owner of Agave Kitchen, in downtown Hudson, WI, put out an urgent call, on FaceBook, to assist people in Washington, IL. Tornados ripped through their community over the weekend leaving destruction and heartache in it’s path. Most of us that saw the pictures of destruction were moved to compassion for those suffering such catastrophic loss. If you are religious you may have prayed, if not you may have momentarily placed yourself in their shoes and felt compassion and if you were busy, it may have been nothing more than current news. The owner of this restaurant; however, did more than all of that. He lead a call to action. This is not the first time he has done it either. He consistently steps up to the plate and mobilizes people to assist when others are in need.

I do not know this man personally (although I would like to remedy that soon), but he appears to be a regular guy. He does not think of himself as a hero, just a guy trying to help. Here is an example from the FB post I mentioned. A lady said the following: “Sometimes all we need is a leader to follow and you seem to know the way.” His response was: “I have no clue. I am just the match. You guys are the fireworks.” One man lighting a fire that literally puts a thousand to flight.

I was struck by how quickly and harmoniously a group of people were able to come together and provide a very real, practical assistance to those in need. I then compared that to the church.

Most church groups that I am familiar with would take a week or more (if they would even consider it) to stir up interest in helping people so far away. They may have a good use for the time/money, closer to home. Things like their building, music department, sound system, children’s program and the list goes on. These “good” things just may be preventing churches from doing the great things that they are intended to do.

Please don’t assume that I am anti-church or that this is an attack on churches. As a Christ follower, I am very pro-church. I am simply pointing out that a local Hudson, WI restaurant appears to be better at “church” than many churches are. We have beautiful buildings, well planned programs and “good church” while ignoring the needs all around us. Thankfully there are some regular guys out there to pick up the slack.

Once again, this is not an attack. It is a wake up call. Maybe you don’t need it, but I sure did.

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