I want to take some time to document the things for which I am thankful. This blog’s intended audience is my family in 10+ years and I want them to know what I am thankful for.

Adventure awakens the human heart in every way. Whether occurring by design or accident, adventure spurns legends and timeless tales. It beckons the comfortable, monotonous participants of life to expect more from their short time on earth. Adventures are not safe and they offer few guarantees, but they teach us about faith and trust. I am thankful for adventure.

Our family has been blessed with a fantastic support system. Friends and family are a constant source of strength. Since Jenny and I began our life adventure together we have always had people that believe in us. This support system is not something that we will ever take for granted. We are thankful for every conversation, phone call, email, text message and FB post. I am thankful for support.

Alex, Jack, Max and Bella, this blog may not mean much to you today. My hope is that when you read it, in the years to come, that you know how valuable you are to me. There are many family movies that are made and most present a situation where the parents need to choose between their career and their children. The happy endings always find the parent choosing the children over the career. I want you to know that your mother and I chose you over everything. Your boundless energy, strength and love have taught us what is truly important in life. I am thankful for my children.

I am not even sure where to start. You seem to possess every talent in the known world; however, I am most grateful for your faithfulness. I remember some well meaning advice that we received prior to being married. We were told that the first year of marriage would be very difficult. It would consist of two people learning to get along and learning how to live with each other’s annoying habits. More importantly, I recall the conversation that you and I had immediately following.

We discarded that advice and agreed that our first year of marriage would be the best year of our lives and that each year following would get better. Thank you for honoring that agreement, these 16 years. There will always be books written about the kind of love we share, simply because no one author can accurately describe it. They have been struggling to convey it for centuries; however, it can not be explained. It must be felt. I am thankful for my wife.

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