Confessions of a Recovering Super Christian

My name is Aaron and I am a recovering super Christian. Super Christians are Christians, only better. They rarely “sin”, and are often perceived as “really good people”. Others may say to a super Christian “I could never be as good as you”. Supers have struggles and challenges; however, when they share them they are something like “I have only prayed for 3 hours today” or “I have failed God lately because I have not been using my time wisely”. These “confessions” serve to make other potential God followers or non-supers feel bad because they are struggling with questioning God, unbelief, an angry temper, being faithful or honest and many other thorns in their flesh. Super Christians eventually become so frustrated with non-supers and “sinners” that they begin to shut them out of their life and feel completely justified in doing so (ain’t nobody got time for that!).

Why do I now consider myself a recovering super Christian? Because I followed God on an adventure that challenged my faith to such an extent that I once again became a non-super. My adventure has given me the opportunity to question God, get frustrated with God and tempted me to lose faith. As a non-super, I no longer need to make time for praying and bible reading, I am desperate for it. This is because I truly see myself as sinful. As a super Christian I worked at finding sins in my life but as a non-super, sin presents itself at every opportunity. As a super Christian I rarely had real concern for my salvation, now I regularly fear for my soul.

Also, as a super Christian, I really didn’t make an impact in the lives of those around me (although, I was great at convincing myself I did). Don’t get me wrong, I did make others wish they were better and truly want to be more like a super. The problem is that, as a super Christian, I didn’t have the power that enables others to accomplish the lifestyle that I demonstrated. So, I was content with having “good church”. Most God experiences occurred in the four walls of the church, while the surrounding community suffocated in a pool of violent abuse, bullying, cutting, drug abuse and destroyed families. All of that did not matter because I was having good church. If the nasty sinners wanted help, they needed to clean themselves up and join me for church.

Why do I love the bible so much, now that I am no longer a super? Because the bible is filled with non-supers. People who felt inadequate, questioned God, got frustrated and failed miserably. I am encouraged because those same non-super failures had the power to turn their world upside down. The bible does not contain very many accounts of “good church” but it does contain accounts of non-supers making a real impact on their communities. Additionally, they did not have to invite, debate or persuade others to join them. People saw the powerful lives they lived (failures and all) and sought them out to join.

Good church is important and I would never advocate leaving it out. Believers need to gather together and encourage one another (remember all of those thorns in our side?); however, what happens outside of those gatherings should be the real story. Then when we do get together, it will be to encourage one another and share the great things that God is doing.

Are you willing to follow God on an adventure that will change you from a super Christian to a lowly, humble, non-super even if it makes you look like a fool? It is far more respectable to maintain the status of a super Christian; however, Jesus had harsh words for the supers (Pharisees), while he was here.

As for me and my house, we choose to pursue the power of Christ and forfeit super status in favor of a changed world.


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