In many ways our family adventure would be much easier if we could share a blueprint. For our religious friends, the blueprint would say that God “called” us to Tennessee to start a church or some other traditionally accepted “ministry”. For our non-religious friends it would explain that we moved to Tennessee to pursue the next great job opportunity and show that we are recognizing the American dream.

As it is, we can simply say that we feel that God directed us to be here, we are not sure why we are here (except to love others), we do not have a church home and we have no visible means of support. Additionally, we are perfectly content that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and we want for nothing.

In lieu of the blueprint, described above, I wish I could convey to everyone the amazing peace that we feel as a result of living each day “by faith”. Peace that does not come from a traditionally accepted ministry or from an amazing job. It is this peace that sustains us, no matter what things look like. I have had a traditionally accepted ministry and I have had an amazing job; however, I can honestly say that I have never had peace and assurance of God’s involvement in my life like I do today.

I have had people approach me via Facebook, email, phone and in person (complete strangers) to ask what on earth we are doing. As I share what we feel God has directed us to do and the resulting events (AKA calamity), each person lights up and says how encouraged they are and that we must continue what we are doing, because it feels so right. Jenny and I are dumbfounded that people see our adventure as even remotely encouraging. When we step away, from the afore mentioned peace, we think this adventure looks like the scariest, craziest thing ever.

I am so very thankful for the many friends and family that have stuck with us and encouraged us, even when it does not make religious or secular sense. While no one can say that it makes sense to them, every person who contacts encourages us to stay the course, because they feel the peace that we have.

We feel that our adventure will make more sense in the very near future; however, I want to take this time to recognize all of the people who believed, even though they could not see. Your support has helped us to see that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen… not a blueprint.


One thought on “Blueprint”

  1. I love your post . I am not working now either. I felt the need to be home and take of my family. Thank you for your post .char glamm

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