A Call to Christianity

What if we are wrong? What if everything we thought we knew was off base? In the previous post I shared that our family was challenged by the New Testament religious person’s inability to see what God was up to, even though that was their life’s pursuit. That has led me to ask the “what if” questions above.

I am not challenging the existence of God or the authenticity and authority of the Bible. I am asking: what if the things that are accepted as Christianity today are wrong? What if we have accepted a form of Godliness and denied the power? I can see from the pages of the Bible that it is possible to deny God and still be confident that you are not denying him. Honestly, this frightens me.

I know that this type of thought process is challenging. We are taught to ignore anything that makes us uncomfortable with the application of our Christianity. We can be uncomfortable with our righteousness, our sin or our holiness (we call it conviction); however, we will not allow ourself to be uncomfortable with what it looks like to be a Christ follower. If something occurs to challenge that, we quickly label it “not of God” and do everything in our power to avoid it. I propose that this may be a result of our subconscious knowledge of the New Testament believer.

According to the New Testament, being a believer was very risky. There was a physical risk, a social risk and a religious risk. Additionally, there did not appear to be a plan B option. You were either all in (sell everything and give to the poor…) or you were not. Modern Christians have managed to eliminate the physical risk, the religious risk and, for the most part, the social risk. God rarely calls people to forsake all and follow him (physical risk) or stand up to the religious leaders, as Stephen did, and explain how they have missed God (religious risk). Additionally, we insulate ourselves by ensuring we are surrounded by people who think and act like we do; thereby, eliminating the social risk. This sounds very much like a form of Godliness, but does it lack power?

I have thought a lot about the lack of power. I do not deny that we see powerful things from time to time. It concerns me that I do not see power on a Biblical scale. I have seen people delivered from addictions, healed from obscure medical conditions, etc; however, I have not seen anything that exceeds the healing of a few sick folk, that is described in Mark 6:5. Jesus was almost apologetic that he was only able to heal a few people. In today’s Christian world, the healing/deliverance of a few sick folk is all we have as evidence of God’s power. Additionally, those that were healed rarely go on to be a world changing agent for God. I am not disputing the examples of healing, I believe them to be the hand of God. I am asking what if God wants to do more?

What if God wants to place a passion in your heart, have you step out in faith and trust him to make a way for you? What if he wants someone to stand up for him in religious circles? What if he wants you to interact with all people and see them miraculously delivered from the demons that torment and confuse them? How differently would we live if we actually believed that God was all powerful and that he would back us up?

I do not write to convince an unbeliever to become a believer or an atheist to forsake atheism, I am writing this to convince Christians to be Christians. I believe that when that occurs, God’s undeniable power will follow and we will not have to logically convince people that God is real, he will do the convincing himself.



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