Where Are You Working?

I have been asked some variation of the “where do you work?” question many times over the last 12 months. I have found that the answer, “I work for God”, does not satisfy most people. Most Christians would agree that they also work for God, but still have a job on the side to make real money. After all, everyone knows that God is not capable of paying the bills unless we assist Him 😉. As I stated in the blog post “Did You Get A Job Yet” (www.sandersfamilyadventures.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/did-you-get-a-job-yet/), money is a tool that people should use, instead, it appears that money is a tool that uses people. We readily spend the majority of our lives, doing something that we do not enjoy, simply for money. As Christians this leaves very little energy for our God given purpose and passion.

I am blessed to know several people who know what their God given purpose is and they simply do that as a job. Essentially, they have said “God you gave me this passion, so I am going to use it and trust you to take care of the money thing”. These people are musicians or writers and I am inspired by their boldness in pursuing their passion and leaving God to handle the rest. Where does that leave me though? I am not a musician or a writer, so how can I follow my passion and trust God for the rest? I have asked God this many times over the last 12 months.

My God given passion is helping people. For as long as I can remember I have been concerned about others. I love to assist a person in stepping out of a mediocre existence and into a passionate life that is full of purpose and meaning. At a very young age people would bring their problems to me and somehow they always felt better after talking it through. I do not profess to have great words of wisdom, I have simply been gifted with a love for people that allows them to trust.

Early this year I began to notice people. Normally I simply pass people in the store or on the roadway, but I truly began to notice others. My wife probably got tired of me pointing out people and saying, “I don’t know that person… I need to know them”. I said that because I had a very strong desire to know everyone that I passed. I could see that each person had hopes and dreams and they just needed someone to be a friend and encourage them to realize their purpose and passion. It was then that I had a thought; I should become a Realtor. Strange, I know, but that is what I thought. In that role I would have the opportunity to meet new people moving to the area, or people going through difficult times, and I would be able to exercise my God given passion to help.

The last couple of months I have been in Realtor school. This in itself required God to provide, but that is a story for another time. I am happy to report that I have passed the Tennessee Realtor exams and am an officially licensed Realtor. For the first time in my life, I decided to do a job that fulfills my purpose and passion, not my need for money, and it feels great!

A good friend recently shared the following thought on FaceBook: “God did not call people to go to church, He called people to be the church.” While I believe in the importance of interacting with other believers, I do not want to spend more time going to church than I do being the church. I believe that being the church requires us to tap into our God given purpose and spend our days fulfilling that purpose. I often wonder how much time God spends waiting for us to finish our stuff (work, recreation, etc.), so that we can do what He designed us to do, only to find us too exhausted to do anything.



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