Hearing From God

According to the book of Isaiah, God’s thoughts are nothing like our thoughts and His ways are far beyond anything we could imagine. I have heard this taught, in church, all of my life but the weight of the words has been lost on me until this past year. As Christians we all desire to have insight into the mind of God and to understand his ways but, according to Isaiah, this would be as foolish as reading a calculus text book to a 3 month old and expecting them to comprehend it.

I do not believe that it is impossible to hear from God or to know the mind of God. I am simply saying that, according to the Bible, we are not naturally born with the ability to do so. I have longed to hear from God for years. Many of my efforts to do so are chronicled in the “Did I Hear That Correctly?” Post. As you can see from the post, each time I “heard” from God my natural, logical mind was not the recipient of the information. I know this because the natural, logical part of me questioned what was heard and attempted to reject it, just as a 3 month old would reject the reading of a calculus text book.

When I initially “heard” from God, about moving to Tennessee, my logical mind fought it like never before. I rejected and attempted to ignore it for over a year before reluctantly giving in to the persistent nudging of God to abandon the safety and comfort of my rational world. It was anything but easy for my family and those around me. Looking back I wish that I would have been more transparent with these struggles. My stubborn pride caused me to act as though I had the voice of God under control, even though I was being stretched like never before.

My inability to follow the “nudges” from God in a more transparent way has caused me to lose some friendships that I hold dear. Additionally, as I attempted to process the voice of God through my logical mind, I offended some to the extent that I am viewed as a heretic. I believe all of this could have been avoided by realizing that God’s ways are not my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, instead of attempting to process it all out loud and make sense of it. I have made every effort to repair the breaches that my lack of transparency has caused and I would like everyone reading this to learn from my mistakes.

Today I am blessed with many safe sounding boards- people who are also attempting to “hear” from God and refuse to use the logical mind to do so. I have learned to live a much more transparent life and truly rely on my brothers to help carry my burdens. Along the way I have also learned to trust God like never before and have seen Him sustain my family for more than a year without financial income. In my book, that is a miracle.

Several years ago I challenged a group of people with the following statement: “What would you do, if you were confident that God would back you up?” Imagine for a moment that you have a pallet stacked 4 feet high with one hundred dollar bills. You would no longer need to go to the job that saps you of time and energy. You would be free to follow your passion and fulfill your purpose, because that stack of one hundred dollar bills has your back.

Now imagine that God is more powerful than the stack of one hundred dollar bills. If that were true, you would no longer need to go to the job that saps you of time and energy. Additionally, you would be free to follow your God given passion and purpose. You would see the lives around you transformed and you would truly know that you have heard from God, because He has your back. That is true freedom!

I believe that God is raising up a group of people that view Him as more powerful than a pallet of one hundred dollar bills and will act accordingly. So far I am aware of 5 families that are living this and I am confident that there are many more. We will see God outshine the power of a pallet of money.



3 thoughts on “Hearing From God”

    1. Thanks! I certainly am thankful for you. You were one of the first that God gave me that understands my journey. Thank you for being willing to follow and encourage others.

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