Looking For Answers


At one point in my life I had the answers to many spiritual questions. I was well versed in the Bible and felt fairly confident in my ability to answer the tough questions of Christianity. Then my family and I embarked on an adventure with God, where theory and flowery speeches would no longer cut it. We needed hands on, living epistle type answers and many of my logical, cleché answers started to sound really silly. Not to the accepted Christian norms, but in the light of those who lived the answers in the Bible. My answers were quite safe and logical. Basically, they enabled me to go about the American dream, without that crazy God of the Bible coming along and messing it up. My answers would not allow for the craziness of the Old Testament or Jesus calling his disciples away from their livelihood to “follow him”. My answers never outright denied that God did these things, or that he could do them again today… he just didn’t so I needed answers that made sense.

As I realized that my answers did not work in the thick of Biblical living, I began to write about it on this blog. Here is an example. I pointed out that the power we sing about and preach about is not there. My intention was to point out the lack of power and identify an issue, at the same time hoping that someone else had the answers or, better yet, someone could show me that the old answers were indeed correct and powerful. Unfortunately, that did not happen. It appears that these type of questions serve to anger other religious people.

When Jesus came on the scene, there was a powerless religious entity. They talked the talk, went to synagogues and studied the scriptures, but were oblivious to the lack of amazing power that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob demonstrated. When Jesus began pointing this out to them, he was accused of heresy and those same religious people facilitated his death. I do NOT want to be on that side of what God is doing!

I do not believe that we are alone in our quest. I believe there are many other Christians, asking, seeking and knocking in an effort to find answers. The Bible is clear that we are not to be lonely Christians, but we are supposed to be there for one another. So, Jenny and I are going to post our questions on our family facebook site, Sanders Family TN. We are sincerely asking for your input and we would love it if you would join us and share your wisdom and insight.


One thought on “Looking For Answers”

  1. “It appears that these type of questions serve to anger other religious people.”

    Right? Let me warn you: the further you stray from the paradigm, the more offense the questions cause. Christianity has honed, over the course of centuries, a systematic method of questioning which is sure to yield favorable answers. It tolerates, even embraces doubt, questioning, and searching, but only in certain ways that lead to validation. It is, after all, “I believe; help my unbelief,” not “I believe; help me test whether my belief is really true.”

    But I’ve struggled to find a way of questioning Christianity which provokes anything but anger from devout believers. Your work is ahead of you. Being more likable than me may help. : )

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