Restoring Eden


“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

Christians agree that Jesus came to restore that which was lost, ruined, destroyed and perishing. I propose that he not only came to save mankind from his fallen and sinful condition, but also to restore what man lost as a result of the fall. So, what was lost? Here are some characteristics of humans, prior to sin entering the picture (think Adam/Eve and the forbidden fruit):

  • Humans did not have to work for food (Genesis 2:8, 2:10)
  • Humans had divinely appointed work (Genesis 2:15)
  • Humans had input regarding what God was doing (Genesis 2:19)
  • Humans had open dialogue with God (Genesis 2:8-9)

Christians also agree that the Pandora’s box of sin, that was opened by Adam and Eve, was firmly closed and discarded through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is that all that was accomplished at Calvary? I recently heard someone speaking on this topic and he related it to a person who had $100,000 debt. If you approached the person, that had the debt, and offered to pay it in full the person would most likely be excited and thankful. The problem is that satisfying the debt only brings the person back to zero. If that is all that happened, they would most likely find themselves in the same debt again, because they have no way of surviving on their own.

In order to thrive a person needs more than the debt paid, they need food, purpose, to add value and the opportunity to participate in open dialogue. Sound familiar? All of those are things that Adam had in the garden of Eden, prior to sin entering in. Modern Christians gladly accept the forgiveness of sin, but we refuse to accept the other things that God is attempting to restore. What if the death burial and resurrection did more than take care of the sin debt? What if it restored what Adam had in the garden?

Reflect again on the list of things that Adam had in the garden. What would your life look like if you had those things?


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