Trapped by Little Miracles


A recent conversation, with a trusted friend, caused me to realize something; I am trapped by a lot of little miracles. It has nearly been two and a half years since our family started this adventure with God. In that time he has miraculously provided for a family of 6 to live without income, debt or government assistance. That is one large, remarkable miracle. The only thing that has not been consistently provided for, is a house to live in. That is a big deal in America! You may read Jenny’s recent accounts of our life, shake your head and wonder why we don’t simply get a job and get back to living the American dream. My answer to that is that I am held captive by hundreds of “little” miracles.

Those who know me well know that I am a methodical, detail oriented person who has always taken pleasure in providing the best for his family. Jenny and I built our first home, before we were out of our teens, and have consistently made wise financial decisions all of our lives. This track record makes our current life story all the more curious. We all know someone who has a habit of going off on “hair-brained” adventures, and attributing it to God, but the Sanders family are the last ones you would expect to do that. Yet, here we are!

I want to assure everyone that I am the same methodical, detail oriented person that I have always been and I have wanted to quit this adventure many, many times. I would go as far as to say that I have searched for reasons to quit. The problem is that God has left a trail of “little miracles” that I would have to completely disregard in order to quit. I have often gotten very frustrated by these miracles, because they happen when I have decided to quit and they are so clearly God that I can’t quit without knowing that I am walking away from what the God of the universe has asked me to do.

Here is an example: Jenny and I were several days behind on our bills. We have an agreement with God that prevents us from making our needs know to anyone but him, so no one in the entire world knows of our situation. There is no hope of money coming in to pay the bills and Jenny and I both feel that we should make a detailed list of our bills and give it to God to pay. We write out the list and pray together. This is one of hundreds of points in the last two years, where I have had enough and am willing to quit, get a job and go about my life. This “unanswered prayer” (no money for bills) is the perfect reason to stop. Hours later, someone (whom, I have never met) contacted us and asked for a detailed list of our bills. God had instructed them to pay it all in full. See what I mean?!? Frustrating “little” miracles. It was not enough to get us in a house again, etc. but it was enough that I can not deny God is involved. This is just one example, but there have been hundreds of these over the last two years and it is why I say that I am held captive by lots of little miracles.

When we started this adventure, we felt that God had told us that we will not need to rely on a secular job for our provision. He told us that he would provide, if we would simply trust and follow him. That sounds easy, but has proven to be very difficult. The weak kneed god of the American Christian world has only one solution for survival: Work. That god does not call people to anything that does not involve secular work. Posts like “Church Vs. Church” and “The Day We Got a Divorce” detail how I came to give up on the ramblings of that weak excuse for a god. The God of the Bible calls people to things that are impossible. He told Abraham that his wife would have a child, despite her old age. Abraham tried to help God out by having a child with his servant. I am sure that was a perfectly acceptable thing to do, and may have even been encouraged by his friends, but that is NOT what God told him to do. Taking care of ourselves and ignoring the hundreds of little miracles would be perfectly acceptable also, but it is not what God told us to do. As a result, we will continue to faithfully obey and are expecting God to provide for our every need, including a house. Why? Because that is what he said he would do.


3 thoughts on “Trapped by Little Miracles”

  1. Lifting your family. We don’t “know” you yet, but we “know you.” We see you. We are one in Spirit with the Lord…and we are championing you.

    Keep going. 🙂

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