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First off, I have to say I am thankful that I did not make “stop procrastinating” one of my New Year resolutions. I would have already failed miserably. This post was in my head to write for New Year’s Day, in keeping with all of the resolution madness. I’m going to console myself and say it must not have been meant to be shared until now. Ha!!

Something I have experienced, over the past couple of years, is that my knowledge has moved from being just in my mind, to being in my mind and my heart. There are things that I have known for a long time and when I would share them with people, it always felt forced. I was attempting to make the person think just like I did. The knowledge that has moved to my heart now pours out of me without grasping, without the need to prove a point, without having to be “right”; it has turned into a passion I can live.

The most common thing this happens with is my knowledge of Scripture. I will be reading along and, all of a sudden, a verse will pop out at me and come alive. Oh my word, sooo cliché, right? Well, I can’t help it. That’s what really happens. So, yes, yes it is cliché. I was reading a devotional about faith and Romans 10:17 was referenced; “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” I’m not really sure what exactly I used to think this verse referred to, or how it was floating around in my head, but it was like someone came along and pounded their fist on top of my head and sent that scripture straight to my heart. I am at a spot in life where I’m desperate for more faith. I am always wondering if I have enough faith and if I don’t, how do I get more. Well…Voila!. Read the word of God. Seriously, how did I miss that?

This revelation has been freeing to me. For most of my adult life I have been reading the Bible to have answers for my beliefs. Sure, I wanted to know what God says in his word, but deep down I was wanting to have answers for when people ask me why I believe the way I do. I’ve stopped reading the Bible that way. I have begun to read it in order to know the God that said and did all the things that are in it. He did horrible, terrible, awful, wonderful, beautiful, amazing things and I want to know how he can be all of that. I want to know HIM.

This all has caused me to make 1 Corinthians 2:2, not a New Year’s resolution, but a life resolution; “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” I am going to read his word in order to know him better and as I seek to know him, my faith will naturally grow. The funny thing about all of this is that as I seek God, I will have the answers people need, because his Holy Spirit will be flowing out of me. The answers I have won’t be “one-size fits all” answers. They will be answers led of God to speak to the heart of the person I am interacting with at the time. The power of the gospel will be at work, instead of the knowledge of Jen. That is when hope is spoken into a person’s life and they are forever changed.


Author: Jen Sanders

I'm the wife of a gorgeous hunk of man named Aaron and momma of 4 beautiful offspring that occasionally make me want to pull my hair out. My life goal is to be like Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Life Resolution”

  1. Great post!  Just catching up on reading them. Reminds me of my own revolution of Bible reading. I used to read for quantity, had my goal of dutifully reading at least 3 chapters a day. Couldn’t sleep at night if I hadn’t. I would read as fast as I could, say, “there, that’s done” basically, and would close the book, no more to really think about it.  God led me on a different path and had me to stop reading the Bible altogether. I thought if He were to come, perhaps I’d be lost for not reading His word. Seems silly now, but I was so sincere. I’d try to quote a scripture on my mind. Finally, after around two weeks of this I was asked to read only a half of a verse, and that’s all. Was instructed to think about it. So I’d think about that half of a verse all day. Then the next day I’d read the other half and think about it.  Now, I had the whole verse to think about. Once I got the hang of reading for content and not quantity, I was allowed to read an entire chapter, but not for the sake of reading a chapter. What I found was that I would read chapter after chapter, just chewing up the Word and putting meat on my spiritual bones. I have not been the same since. Sometimes, I’ll still stop reading and think about a verse for a while, or follow it to other verses and study the topic. In this way, I have gotten thoughts, that when I told my pastor, he’d look shocked, like I hit him in the face, and say that he had never heard that before. This is a raised in church all of his life person. Many times, he’d study it too and preach it. Over the years I’ve written the thoughts down. I suppose I have a few books collected.  The point being, that God wants to talk to us. He wants to be real to us.  The same thing happened with my prayer life. Now, I pray and read my Bible to communicate and I end up praying so much longer at times, or in my heart throughout the day, or In my car interceding when driving and sometimes having to pull over. But, I TALK to Him, and I LISTEN a lot.  We weren’t taught to do this, I think, because deep down we don’t trust the Holy Spirit to lead and guide people to all truth. We instead, formulate truth and fix the verses and thoughts into concrete beliefs that are passed along from church to church, to Bible schools, to Sunday School classes, etc. In this way, we too must tell people what is right and what is wrong, because we don’t trust their use of the Holy Spirit working in them, by writing His Law on the tables of our hearts. That, I think, is how we got the term, standards. When things can be voted to be sin or not sin, how can it be sin? How can it no longer be sin? Sin is sin, I thought. But, what is written on my heart may be different from yours.  People take the far end of grace and then don’t think anything is wrong. I don’t believe that either. That’s the problem in not teaching people about how to use the Holy Spirit to guide them. Listening to the Holy Spirit as a moment by moment thing. The very quiet voice, prompting yes or no. Prompting do this, don’t do that. Do this more. As pastors and teachers, I believe, if we taught this way, God-minded people would not run to sin. We, as students, would learn how to not grieve the Holy Spirit. We’d make the cross of Christ to become of effect…effective. We would show Christ that He did not die in vain.  Likely, we would have similar convictions, but perhaps, and likely, some things may be wrong for me but not for you. I then must trust that you heart the Holy Spirit just like I do and not judge your actions.  You may go into a bar because you felt led to reach the hurting people. In this way, I won’t judge you. I would trust the Holy Spirit in your life to lead you.  Really, this is why I don’t like to subscribe to a particular organization. I have found that even the ones that you Think don’t have a standards list as we know it, in fact do. They use the same verse about not offending your brother. Where does it stop on not offending your brother? It stops where the church organization says that it stops. In UPC, it stops st no makeup at all. In Assembly of God, it stops at mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner is ok but no eye shadow. It’s true! I told the pastor’s wife one night, that everything I have on will offend some of my brothers and sisters. I said, I’m wearing pants, she was too, I’m wearing jewelry, she was too, I’m wearing makeup, she was too, I’m wearing eyeshadow to make my eyes not look so baggy, she was not. But that was the culture of that particular church. Then, I can go to a Charismatic church, as they used to be called, and I’m ok with wearing the eyeshadow.  I’ve gone to some friend’s churches over the years, and when they saw my hair and makeup, suddenly, God changed their sermon, as they said, and then they preach on standards instead of the message that God had given them before. I felt badly for going because someone missed out on what God had to say to them in that moment of their life. Maybe it was a salvation sermon, or a deliverance sermon. They missed out because if me. I didn’t change. The person that didn’t hear their sermon didn’t change either. I’ve got to quit reading your stuff!!!! Hahaha! You get me fired up! I just might start preaching, LOL! As you may have noticed, this is something that I have discovered on my reading to hear the Voice of God, and not for duty.  I have a lot of catching up to do on your posts. Thanks for continuing to Hear and to write what you heareth. 🙂  God bless you all, ABUNDANTLY! Deb

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