Good-bye, Summer!


Well, summer vacation is officially over and all the school madness is back in session.  One-fourth of the kiddos was excited about school starting again and has been talking about it since school ended in May.  I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t a boy.  Our once painfully shy caterpillar has morphed into a social butterfly and feels the need to be part of anything she can be accepted into.  Today is the fifth full day of school and already we are signed up for crossing guard, run club and Glee.  She also talks continually of soccer and tennis.  Forget cars for the teenagers, I think we need a car for the 5th grader.

Speaking of 5th graders…wow did I have a hard time sending her off to school this year!  I’ve never had a tough year like this one.  Kindergarten was bittersweet for me with all the kiddos, and I teared up a little each time, but this year…yikes, man!!  I think the humidity is making my eyes sweat profusely.  And who’s bright idea was it to have all the teachers lined up outside their doors for the open house AND on the first day of school so that my daughter felt the need to stop and hug every one of her previous teachers!?  Nobody needs to see you, get back in your classroom.  Those new parents can find you by looking for your name on the door.  I felt like I was walking the Green Mile.  A very humid, eye sweating Green Mile.  In spite of making me teary, I was so thankful to walk down that hallway and see the impact each of those beautiful faces has had on my girl.  She LOVES walking into that building every school day.

At least we are going back to school on a marvelous summer high.  We try to be very intentional about making memories each summer.  Doing something out of the ordinary so our kiddos have something fun to remember.  I know, I know isn’t our life out of the ordinary enough already?  But, we only have 18 summers with our kiddos and probably only 15 that they’ll actually remember.  Depressing isn’t it?  I want them to have 15 FANTASTIC memories.  My sister was a big help this year.  She got married just so we could have a summer memory.  Thanks, Greggles and Jackie!! 😉  We really did have an awesome time that involved my kiddos watching an active 2 year old (and teaching him ridiculous things to say) while we made tissue paper flowers, 200 s’mores favor bags, 200 fruit kabobs, and made and sewed roses onto the hem of a wedding dress in addition to beading vines and flowers around said wedding dress. Ok, the bride really did most of the dress work, but we helped a little.  I am taking all the credit for the 1,411 cookies I made for the reception though.  Yes, one thousand, four hundred and eleven.  I. Am. Awesome.  I really loved all of it and it didn’t seem like work at all.  I just like detailing the things we did to remind myself of just how crazy we are.  You know, in case I forget.  The kiddos were able to spend more time with my dad than they had in the previous summers since we have moved and they loved it.  They kept saying they didn’t remember that he was so funny.  Well, dear ones, I think you were too young to appreciate the brilliance of sarcasm while we still lived there.  Now you know.  Parenting win.

We also spent a little over a month with Aaron’s family where, in addition to everyone being spoiled, the older boys learned the value of working a really long, HOT, body breaking day of work.  John is a concrete contractor so they learned the art of setting up a job, re-barring, pouring, troweling, grinding, cleaning up and everything else I don’t understand about concrete.  I just said all those words because they’re what I overheard in conversations.  I have no idea if they’re even in the right order.  But the boys know, and that was the whole point!  A little blood, sweat and tears builds character.  Ha!  We celebrated Max’s 13th birthday with an all day trip to a water park.  Layers of skin were lost that day, and it was a miracle anyone’s eyes were able to stay open long enough to drive home, but we had a blast!  I thoroughly scared Jack (and the life guard) by screaming like a ninny on a ride that three year olds were bravely hopping on multiple times.  It was only mildly humiliating.

Summer is such a precious time for us.  We love being able to spend so much time surrounded by family and friends.  We love you all!!

Now, back to our normal out of the ordinary lives.



Author: Jen Sanders

I'm the wife of a gorgeous hunk of man named Aaron and momma of 4 beautiful offspring that occasionally make me want to pull my hair out. My life goal is to be like Jesus.

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