Trusting An Illogical Logic

The last 4 years has been a wild ride for the Sanders family. As detailed in the post “No More PR”, we Initially felt challenged to stop being “PR” people for God. We realized that for some reason we felt an obligation to put a spin on things that always made God look good (from our perspective). It was not a conscious thing, it was more of an involuntary response that had developed over time and it resulted in us counting the “good” things God did, or said, and ignoring the “bad/strange” things.

The problem with this was that it is completely contrary to the revealed character of God. We see from a cursory reading of the Bible that God asks his followers to do ridiculous things. Things that are completely illogical and down right foolish. Even though he clearly says, in Isaiah 55:8, that his ways are not like our ways, we still behaved like he has a specific formula that makes perfect sense when applied. That is why churches build leadership structures based on accepted leadership gurus and apply “tried and true” formulas to their gatherings. It all makes perfect sense, if Isaiah 55:8 and all of the examples of an illogical God doing crazy things, were not included in the Bible.

As you can see from reading the book that details the first 4 years of life in Tennessee, re-training our brain to accept and trust the illogical nature of God was extremely challenging for our family. It is one thing to mentally acknowledge God’s illogical nature, it is another to trust your family’s life and well-being to it. That is what we had to do when we were challenged by the passage in Matthew 6:19-34. Surely this illogical God did not expect a family of 6 to sell everything, quit their jobs, move 1,000 miles away and not worry about where they would live or what they would eat! He simply does not do that, or so our completely logical Christian religion told us.

4 years later, we know that our illogical God really did mean for a family of 6 to trust him completely. The un-learning was the most challenging part, but once we accepted that he could be trusted, completely, we were able to relax into his unorthodox plan. Now we find ourselves happily settled in a beautiful home, with no debt, never needing governmental assistance and having more than enough finances to live a full life. All because we trusted an illogical God who asked us to do a crazy thing.

Now you might be asking yourself what are Aaron and Jenny going to do next? The book of Proverbs, Dave Ramsey and my many years in the financial services business has prepared me well for what to do next. We are debt free, living rent free and have a steady stream of income so, obviously, we should be living frugally and saving every penny to be prepared for October, when our living situation will need to change. The problem is that God is still illogical. Instead, we feel that God has invited us to test his word again. This time it is 2 Corinthians 9. In a time that we should logically be focused on saving and being prepared, we feel that we are being asked to give abundantly and without care for our own needs.

A couple of months ago, we had a family meeting and unanimously (my kids are AMAZING!) agreed that we will continue to trust God and follow his “illogical” logic. As a result, we have been actively looking for opportunities to give our time, our money and our talents away to whomever has a need.

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18


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