Who Is Serving Whom?

This topic tends to cause tensions to run high, so in order to avoid any improper conclusions I offer the following disclaimers:

  • It is good to have a job and support your family

  • Money is not bad. It is a very effective tool that God does not have a problem using

There, now we can address the question that the title asks. Early in our family’s adventure, I wrote a post titled, “Who Do You Think You Are?. In that post I addressed the beginning of our family’s process of divorcing from the false sense of security and direction that the spirit of Money (referred to in the Bible as mammon) provided. In the New Testament we are informed that a person can not serve God AND Mammon, that is why I believe it is critical for all believers to ask the question, “Who is serving whom?”.

If we factor in preparations and commute times, the average American spends 10 hours per day working and 8 hours sleeping. This means that we have 6 hours per day to eat dinner and spend time with family/friends. These facts are a challenge for Christians, because we are instructed to “seek first the kingdom of God…” and our schedules often do not provide time for that. As a result ,we tell ourselves that “seeking first the kingdom”, is part of our everyday life, including our job, commute and family time. I do not disagree with this, as long as it is true.

If you believe that God has placed you in your job to seek first the kingdom through interacting with others and being a light, I want to challenge you. Would you continue to go to your job if your employer told you that they would no longer pay you? You would be welcome to show up every day and perform your duties, but there was no longer going to be a pay check. I am guessing that most of us would suddenly feel God “calling us” to be light to another work place.

If you are confident that you have heard from God regarding what you are supposed to be doing 10+ hours per day, don’t you think that you should do that, regardless of the paycheck? After all, the second part of the “seek first the kingdom” verse says that God will take care of all of our needs. This is not just a theory for me. When I felt that God had asked me to take a job again, I had to live this as you can read in the post, “Finally A Job”.

I want to invite you to answer the question, “who is serving whom?” It is a vital question and one that is difficult to answer honestly. God does not have an issue with providing for all of his follower’s needs and it appears, from reading the Bible, that he is also interested in taking care of their wants. It is up to us to honestly ensure that we qualify for that kind of treatment by seeking first the kingdom and serving him, alone.


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