No Help Needed

In Mark chapter 6 there is an interesting account of Jesus being unable to do miracles because of people’s expectations. Jesus had returned to his home town and the people there could not wrap their head around the idea that the boy they had always known was the one doing amazing miracles. In a way I can’t fault these people. The things that Jesus was doing (turning water to wine, raising people from the dead, healing, etc.) were not part of anyone’s natural life experience. It would be perfectly normal for them to doubt that the boy they had always known was actually the one doing these unbelievable things. What boggles my mind is the fact that their lack of belief, in what Jesus could do, actually stopped him from doing!

I wonder how many of God’s promises we talk ourselves out of. For example, the Bible clearly talks about not being concerned about what we should eat or where we should live, but our natural life experiences tell us that if we don’t worry about those things, no one else will. We may even attempt to use other Bible verses to cancel out what Jesus is clearly saying. As a result, we spend much of our lives striving to make sure we have the things that God already promised that he would provide. Could it be that we do not see his miraculous provision because we have talked ourselves out of his help? Is it possible that our lack of belief leaves us with only “the healing of a few sick folk”, like the people in Jesus’ hometown?

I do not believe that this was a matter of not knowing, it was a matter of not having active belief. I have no doubt that the people in Jesus’ hometown were good Jewish people, who were very familiar with the prophecies about Jesus. They simply allowed their understanding of the natural world to overrule the supernatural world.

Which of God’s promises might you have talked yourself out of?


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